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Why you need a Magula UpLula Speed Loader

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

As a female firearms instructor, I understand the common concerns that arise in my classes. One recurring theme is the hesitation or discomfort many women feel when it comes to loading a magazine. Whether it's relying on a partner to load it beforehand or simply feeling unsure about the process, it's a challenge many face.

Let's address this head-on: yes, loading a magazine can initially be tricky, and yes, it might cause some discomfort to your thumbs. The spring tension inside the magazine can make it increasingly difficult with each round. But fear not, because with practice, the right technique, and the proper tools, it becomes a breeze. And that's where the speed loader comes in.

In my experience, a speed loader is an essential tool for every shooter. Not only does it make the loading process faster and more efficient, but it also minimizes strain on your hands. However, it's crucial to know how to load and unload a magazine manually, just in case you find yourself without a speed loader.

When you purchase a firearm, it typically comes with a proprietary speed loader. Personally, I prefer the Magula UpLuLa speed loader. It's universal and compatible with various magazines officially ranging from 9mm to 45acp, and even some double stack 380 magazines like the new #SigSauer #Pearl.

Here are some of my top tips for mastering magazine loading:

  1. Match the Sides: Most magazines have a flat side and a round side, just like the ammunition. Align the flat side of the magazine with the flat side of the ammunition, and vice versa.

  2. Follow the Ammo Icon: Pay attention to the ammo icon at the top of the magazine, as it indicates the correct orientation of the ammunition.

  3. Position the Slide: Ensure that the black slide of the speed loader is positioned correctly on the front of the magazine for smooth loading.

  4. Opt for Bright Colors: Invest in a brightly colored speed loader to make it easier to spot in your range bag or equipment.

While this essential tool might not be available on major online platforms, you can typically find it at your local gun range or specialty stores. For those in the Charlotte Metro Area, Firepower, Inc. often stocks them for less than $40.

Mastering magazine loading is a valuable skill that empowers you as a shooter. With practice and the right tools, you'll feel confident and capable every time you hit the range.

For more in-depth guidance on magazine loading techniques and firearm proficiency, sign-up for one of our Women's Basic Pistol Class. Check our reel on How to Use a Magula UpLuLa speed loader.

Disclaimer: Woman With A Weapon, LLC is a small business that provides training, education, and limited merchandise to support the encouragement, empowerment, and the advocacy of safe gun practices. We do not currently sale firearms or have a dedicated brick & mortar store front to sell firearms and certain related accessories. Therefore, we do not personally sell or get any commission off the promotion of this product. 

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