Ladies' Range Day FAQs

Although Ladies' Range Day is not an official "class", participants will receive coaching on the firearm safety rules and shooting fundamentals by certified female firearms instructors. 

1. Can I bring my own firearm and ammunition to the event?
Yes, participants can bring any type of handgun or rifle to the event. We will be providing at least 20 rounds of 9mm or 22LR ammunition for students who do not have their own. We also have access to an assortment of 9mm and 22LR handguns for you to try. If you don’t have a firearm but want to shoot more than 20 rounds, feel free to bring extra 9mm or 22LR ammo. We also encourage you to bring your own eye and ear protection if you have them. 

2. How long will I be able to shoot?
Each firing lane will shoot for 30 minutes or until the participant runs out of ammunition (whichever comes first). We are providing at least 20 rounds per participant; you are welcome to bring additional ammunition.  

3. Is the registration fee the same if I bring my own ammo/firearm or protective gear?
Yes, the fee is the same if you bring your own ammo, firearm, or protective gear. 

4. How is the Ladies Range Day different from going to the gun range on my own?
A two-hour range visit would be much more expensive than a Ladies Range Day. A day at the range with firearm instruction can range from $150 - $200 and that may not include your target or ammunition.  Our Ladies' Range Day pricing varies from $85-$100 (depending on what goodies what can include in your goodie bag) and is ALWAYS all-inclusive. In addition, you get to network with other amazing likeminded women.  I almost forgot…with every range day event - you get an exclusive tee.  So, make sure you select your size with your purchase.

5. Do I need a concealed carry handgun (CCH) permit to attend this event?
No, you do not need a CCH permit to attend this event.