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Why you need a Magula UpLula Speed Loader

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

As a female firearms instructor, I understand the common concerns that arise in my classes. One recurring theme is the hesitation or discomfort many women feel when it comes to loading a magazine. Whether it's relying on a partner to load it beforehand or simply feeling unsure about the process, it's a challenge many face. Let's address this head-on: yes, loading a magazine can initially be tricky, and yes, it might cause some discomfort to your thumbs. The spring tension inside the magazine can make it increasingly difficult with each round. But fear not, because with practice, the right technique,...

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How to load a magazine...with nails

Posted by LaToya Workman on

Loading a magazine can be difficult at the beginning, especially with nails. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It’s just going to take a little practice and muscle. Your thumbs will be sore. It will get harder with each one. But…you can do it.  And yes, it is going to get easier with practice. Being able to load a magazine is essential when handling and owning a firearm. Yes, using a magazine loader will make it easier but what if you don’t have it. Knowing and able to load your mag without a speed loader is clutch.  Practice...

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