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How to load a magazine...with nails

Posted by LaToya Workman on

Loading a magazine can be difficult at the beginning, especially with nails. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It’s just going to take a little practice and muscle. Your thumbs will be sore. It will get harder with each one. But…you can do it.  And yes, it is going to get easier with practice.

Being able to load a magazine is essential when handling and owning a firearm. Yes, using a magazine loader will make it easier but what if you don’t have it. Knowing and able to load your mag without a speed loader is clutch.  Practice using snap caps or dummy rounds for the caliber of your firearm.

Loading a Magazine

  1. Pick up your magazine (and notice I didn’t say clip) in your non-dominant hand with the flat side against your thumb and the round side against your index finder.
    1. Using a table or hard surface will provide more leverage and stability
  2. Take a snap cap in your dominant hand with the flat side of the round facing the flat side of the magazine and the round side facing the front.
  3. Load the first round into the magazine by pushing the first 1/3 of the round down and under the lip of the magazine (the first round is the easiest 😉).
  4. It gets a little tricker from here…using your thumb that’s holding the magazine, push slightly down on the back of the first round. I use the bone at the first knuckle.
  5. While continuing to push down on round in the magazine; use the back of the next round to push down on the bullet (dome shape) of the round until you have enough to slide the round under the lip.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have loaded your magazine (check the back or side for capacity).


Unloading your magazine (the easiest part)

  1. While holding the magazine in your dominant hand, use your thumb to slide each round off the top into your opposite hand.

Having nails is not an excuse for not being able to load your own magazine.  Don’t believe me, check out our video on Instagram and Facebook.

You are strong. You are feminine and fearless. You are pretty and powerful. You got this!!!

Stay Ready!

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  • I heard about your business on Spectrum news and at that point I became more interested in learning more about how to properly handle a weapon.

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