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Teaching Kids about Firearm Safety

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of imparting firearm safety knowledge to youngsters aged 12 to 17 at a private school in Charlotte, NC. To my delight, the experience proved to be just as educational for me as it was for them. Children are remarkably astute, inquisitive, and often possess more knowledge than adults may acknowledge (including myself), especially concerning firearms.

The opportunity to engage with these young minds, particularly during the holiday season when many individuals receive firearms as Christmas gifts, was truly gratifying. My primary objective was to instruct them on appropriate actions if they were to encounter a firearm. The key principles we covered were:

  1. Treat every gun as if it is real.
  2. Assume every gun is loaded.
  3. Stop!
  4. Don't touch!
  5. Tell an adult!

Recognizing that some of the children had younger siblings at home, I also emphasized the importance of teaching a firm "NO! Not a toy!" to the younger ones who may not comprehend the rules above. These guidelines draw from the combined wisdom of the Eddie Eagle and USCCA Children's and Firearm Safety programs.

As responsible firearm owners, it is our duty to prevent minors (those under 18 years old) from accessing firearms and to store them securely. According to North Carolina laws, knowingly leaving a gun within reach of an unsupervised minor is a Class 1 misdemeanor. I urge everyone to avoid such negligence and explore safe storage options through our blog post.

In my opinion, every firearm owner should undergo training to ensure they are equipped to instill proper respect for firearms in the children they encounter. Without adequate training on how to respond to the discovery of a firearm, tragic accidents can happen. As the adult or parent in a child's life, it is crucial to assess when to initiate firearm safety training based on the child's maturity and interest.

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season! Remember to stay safe and prepared. Scroll down for the accompanying video.


Explore the world of firearms as a family in our Family Safety Series or arrange a dedicated session for your kid(s) in our Children's Firearm and Safety Fundamentals class. Connect with us at 844.577.9929 or via email at for more details, to schedule a class or organize a visit to your school.

The NRA's Eddie Eagle Program serves as an excellent educational tool for kids ranging from pre-K to 4th grade. The program offers a comprehensive website featuring engaging videos and interactive activities. Additionally, there's a dedicated site designed specifically for parents and teachers.

Review this comprehensive guide on "Kids and Gun Safety: A Complete Guide" by Rebecca Truce of SDSU University for additional resources. 

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