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Gun Owner's Gift Guide Pt. 1 - Gun Safes

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

Putting together your holiday shopping list? Over the next couple of weeks, I'll email you some of my favorite items and some items every gun owner should consider having. Today we'll start with a few gun safes for different scenarios. Remember, you are the only authorized user of your firearm. If you are using your firearm for personal protection, it is critical to balance accessibility and safety.

f you do not have a North Carolina concealed carry handgun permit, when traveling in a vehicle, your gun must be visible to the public or not be concealed or immediately accessible to you. Don't get caught concealing your firearm without a permit. Know the laws and register for your concealed carry permit class today.

Stay Safe! Stay Ready!
Ladi Ammo


Onnais Gun Safe recommended by Woman With a Weapon 

ONNAIS Iron SE Gun Safe
You may need more than one of these depending on your living situation. It can handle up to 30 fingerprints - so add both hands. It also can be opened with a code or key if the biometric or batteries fail.

Portable Gun Safes
ONNAIS Alloy SE Portable Gun Safe
This portable gun safe does double duty. Use it for home or the car. I like it because it tells you when batteries are low and has four types of access: biometric, keyfob, numeric, and a key.
Hornady Rapid Gun Safe Recommended by Woman With a Weapon, LLC

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe
This safe is great if you need to save space on a nightstand, dresser, or table. Unfortunately, this one isn't biometric - however it will open with a keyfob or wristlet.



Security Biometric Safe Box

Security Biometric Safe Box
Do you have GUNS & AMMO to store? This medium sized safe can store a few guns and your ammunition as well. The biometric entry is flush with the front so your curved nail shouldn't be too much of a problem. (Within reason of course) You can also use a key or the digital entry as an alternative.

SnapSafe Gun Safe with TSA Combination Lock

SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box with TSA Combination Lock
Flying with your gun? Make sure to check the TSA website, comply with all airline requirements, and confirm the laws for the states you're going to may have a layover in. If you don't have reciprocity with your CCH permit, don't claim your bag! This safe is TSA compliant and can be used in your car as well.

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe recommended by Woman With A Weapon, LLC

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

Even with your NC CCH permit there are places you cannot carry your gun. Keep it locked securely in your vehicle and accessible to you. Don't leave your gun under your seat, in the console, or the glove box. This safe opens with a keyfob or wristband.


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