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Gun Owner's Gift Guide Pt. 3 - Range Day Essentials

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

 As promised...Part 3 is here with a focus on range day essentials. Heading to the gun range can be fun, exciting and intimidating. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can contribute to a safe, positive and empowering experience on the range. It also more fun to shoot with others. So, feel free to come Shoot with Us on ladies' range day. Below are a few of range day essentials. 

  1. Identification - Bring your driver's license or another form of pictured identification. 
  2. Proper attire - Comfortable but close-fitting clothing is ideal to avoid hot brass from entering clothing. 
  3. Eye Protection - Ideally, you should have shooting glasses. If you wear glasses like me then those are adequate. However, I recently purchased prescription eyeglasses just for shooting. 
  4. Ear Protection - Ear protection is required and can include earmuffs or ear plugs. You can rent this at the range as well. I prefer electronic ear protection which is safer and allows you to hear the range commands. 
  5. Range Bag - You'll need a safe way to transport your firearm to the range. You can bring it to the range in its original box, a range bag, or a portable safe. Make sure you follow your local laws for traveling and concealing a firearm. 
  6. Targets - You can buy a target at the range or save a few dollars by buying them in bulk. 
  7. Training Log & Pen - Having a training log is great way to keep track of your range activities. You can do this manually or use an app (fees may apply). We are working on a free form you can use to track your activity. Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted of its release.
These are a couple of my favorite items...
 Walker shooting glasses recommended by Woman With a Weapon, LLC

Walker's Carbine Shooting Glasses

Keep your eye protected with the glasses. They even come with a case. 




Zohan Electronic ear protection recommended by Woman With A Weapon


Zohan Electronic Ear Protection

These are a great deal if you need a pair for you and your partner. There's no light so make sure you turn them off. 

Walker's Razor Slim Earmuffs recommended by Woman With a Weapon, LLC

Walker's Razor Slim Earmuffs

These are very popular headphones and a best seller on Amazon. You can't go wrong with these. 


Women's shooting bag on amazon link provided by Woman With a Weapon

Women's Compact Range Bag

If you you're bringing a gun to the range, you'll need a way to transport it.  

Please leave your comments and feedback if you found this information helpful or if there is anything else we can add. 

If you want your product tested and considered, please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Stay Safe! Stay Ready!

Ladi Ammo

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