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Considering a revolver?

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

Ladi Ammo wearing thigh holster with a revolver

Carrying a revolver for personal protection and self-defense has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes I can carry, Ethel, my Smith and Wesson Lady Smith .38 Special Double-Action revolver.  One of my friends recently asked me, why do you carry a revolver instead of only a semi-automatic pistol? Here are a couple my pros and cons for carrying a revolver:


  1. Reliability: Revolvers are known for their simplicity and reliability. They have fewer moving parts than semi-automatic pistols, reducing the risk of jams and malfunctions. This can be beneficial in high-stress situations where quick and straightforward actions are required.
  2. Ease of use: Revolvers are generally easier to operate, because they don't have slides or magazines that you have to worry about making them easier to load and unload.
  3. Easier to conceal:  This one may be controversial for some, because some revolvers can be heavy and bulky. However, the Lady Smith is a small, slender, and fairly lightweight. I typically carry it when I wear a dress and my thigh holster. I recently received two leather revolver holsters from 1791 Holsters, and I can't wait to try them out. (Stay tuned for the review).


  1. Limited Capacity: One of the biggest drawbacks for carrying a revolver is the limited ammunition capacity. Most revolvers are only going to hold five to six rounds - mine holds five - compared to eight to eighteen for a semi-automatic.
  2. Recoil: High-caliber revolvers can have substantial recoil which can affect accuracy and effective gun handling for some individuals.
  3. Limited options: There are not as many revolver options compared to semi-automatic pistols, therefore there are not going to be many accessory options either.

Carrying a revolver for personal protection and self-defense has some advantages, particularly in terms of reliability and ease of use. However, they have limitations in terms of capacity, recoil management, and options which may make a semi-automatic pistol a more appealing choice for many women. Ultimately, the choice should be based on your specific needs, your comfort level, and your ability to shoot and handle the gun properly and confidently. It's essential to receive proper training and practice regularly to use any firearm effectively and safely. 

Our basic handgun fundamentals class covers different types of handguns, the parts of handguns, and explores further the pros and cons of revolvers versus semi-automatic pistols. 

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