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We're Here Too! Black Female Firearms Instructors

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

Late last year, Lauren, a video journalist student from UNC Chapel Hill reached out to me to participate in a video interview as a companion piece to the article 'We're Here': The Plainness of Black Female Gun Ownership in North Carolina that the Media Hub had recently published. I was honored to participate (1) because of the context of the article and (2) because the article includes comments from other black female firearms instructors in North Carolina.

As we start Women's History month, I wonder are we (female firearms instructors) making history? The last few years I've seen an increase in the number of female firearms instructors and even a larger increase in the number of black female firearms instructors! 

Woman With A Weapon was established in 2020 partially because I couldn't find a local instructor that looked like me. What I found is I didn't look hard enough. There are several black female firearms instructors in North Carolina - and a few here in Charlotte - they just weren't working at the range. Like me, many black female firearms instructors have their own business. You may have to search the web or social media for us but we're here too!  Below are a couple clips from the interview. What are your thoughts?





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