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What a Violation!! 5 Tips to Reduce Car Break-Ins

Posted by LaToya Workman on

man thinking of breaking into car

It’s first thing in the morning, you walk out to your car and see the driver’s side door open…!

So many thoughts are going through your head.

Oh hell, No!! Did someone break-in my car?!

Did I leave my doors unlocked?

What did they steal? Did I have a gun in the car? What information did they get?

Someone breaking into your car is a major violation! Unfortunately, it is more common than you may think.

Vehicle break-ins are on the rise. Thefts of firearms from vehicles have increased 12% in 2022, and many are used in violent crimes (Charlotte Observer, 2022). By June 2021, there were over 4000 car break-ins in Charlotte, resulting in 446 stolen guns. Many of these stolen firearms could end up in the hands of unauthorized people, including minors.

As legal, responsible, and safe gunowners we are obligated to do our due diligence to deter car break-ins and reduce the impact in the event it does happen. Below are a few safety reminders:

  • Lock your car doors & glove compartment. – This may seem obvious, but with cell phones, kids, pets, neighbors, etc. it is easy to get distracted. Take the extra few seconds and double check that your doors are locked.
  • Don’t keep valuables in your car. - Credit cards, sunglasses, purses, backpacks, and range bags can be tempting for thieves. Presents are put in the trunk during the holiday season. Laptops are put in the trunk, per company policy. Let’s not get complacent with our personal items. Cleaning out your car regularly is a regularly is a good practice.
  • Park in a well-lit area, near a camera, or in your garage, if you have one. - “Lights, Camera, Action” (shout out to Mr. Cheeks)! Sometimes lights and cameras are enough of a deterrent to stop a theft. Have a garage – but it’s full of “stuff”? There are many benefits to parking in your garage, avoiding a car break-in is just one.
  • Invest in a lock box or car safe. – Even with a NC Concealed Carry handgun permit, there are places where carrying a firearm is prohibited. Not leaving a firearm in your vehicle is best practice, but if it can’t be avoided -DON’T just put it under your seat or on in the glove box.  Securing your firearm in a lock box or gun safe that can attach to your vehicle is recommended. I use the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe, it’s worth the investment. (Check out our product recommendation page for other options.)  

So, you did all that and your gun still got stolen…now what?

  • Consider Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage – As a member of US Law Shield you have the option of adding on Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage. If your gun or ID is stolen, an Independent Program Attorney will provide crucial assistance before, during, and after the incident. Make sure to use code WWAW when you sign-up.

As a grown and responsible Weaponized Woman, with A LOT going on, the last thing we need is a car break-in or our gun stolen.  Let’s do our part to keep reduce the number of stolen guns from vehicles.

Stay Ready!
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