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Road Trip with your firearm – 3 Things to Do

Posted by Ladi Ammo on

So far this year I have already taken several road trips. While planning and packing for my trips there are three things I remembered to do considering I want to be protected when I travel:

  1. 1. Bring my Concealed Carry Permit – Although I never leave home without it, I make sure I have my concealed carry handgun permit and proper identification that matches it. There are 30+ states that honor the North Carolina (NC) concealed carry handgun (CCH) permit. If you don’t have your permit, make sure the firearm is never “concealed”. In NC, concealed generally means not visible to the public and within your reach.
  2. 2. Check the Reciprocity App – I check the reciprocity app to verify which states honor my concealed carry permit and to ensure I know the firearm laws of the states I’m traveling through and the laws in my destination. I also review the firearm transportation laws to know how to properly transport my firearm while traveling through that state. Depending on my route, some states may honor my permit, and some may not.
  3. 3. Bring my Portable Gun Safe – Even though I have my NC CCH permit, it is not honored in every state or district such as Maryland and Washington, D.C. Which really sucks because I love going back there! As a responsible gun owner, I have to make sure my firearm is properly stored at all times including in my vehicle and any “temporary” residence. My preferred gun safes have a cable so the safe can be affixed to the car or a secure piece of furniture. Regardless of where I am, I am the only authorized user of my firearm! – unless expressed permission and access has been given.

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning a firearm and especially while travelling with one and you want to be knowledgeable and prepared. Having self-defense insurance will give you access to an attorney whom you can ask questions related to firearm travel and self-defense laws for various states.

Taking a concealed carry class will teach you the laws of self-defense for the state you live in and get you a certificate to apply for your concealed carry permit (if you don’t already have it). Even if you don’t plan on carrying a gun, I’m sure you will defend yourself and your family wherever you are! So, know the laws for the states that you’ll be in and have access to an attorney-network in the event you need it, get your concealed carry permit, and an adequate portable gun safe.

nc reciprocity map cch cwp

 P.S. I'm waiting on this safe now, so stay tuned for me review.

onnais portable gun safe



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