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Guns Are Like Shoes

Posted by LaToya Workman on

ladies white shoes

I've been contemplating what to write for my first blog post, and this new pair of sexy heels I seen the other day keeps popping in my head. Ugh!  So, I figure why not share why I think guns are like shoes. And since we're so close to Christmas, I think it's a perfect topic.  (Smile)

Many times, I've been asked... What gun should I buy? or What gun should I buy for my lady?  In my head I'm should I know?  LOL! I don't say that of course. But in reality, I really don't.  I can recommend a couple guns that I like, some of the top selling guns for females, or the top selling guns in general, but at the end of the day is going to be a personal preference.  If you've taken one of my classes you've heard me, say "guns are like shoes, if you're not comfortable with it you're not going to carry it"!

Have you ever gotten a fabulous pair of shoes as a gift, but they sit in your closet because they are uncomfortable as heck? Well, that is what can happen if you buy a gun based on suggestion only. The shoes I love the most - I've tried on, walked around a bit in them, and I confirmed they were comfortable and a good fit for me! I do the same thing with a new gun. I rent handguns from the range. Sometimes, I ask my "friends" (yes, some are people I just met) to shoot their guns. I want to feel how big the grip is, how it shoots, how heavy it is, etc.  Some guns I feel are too small for me, some are too big, and some are just right!

If you're considering buying a new gun, try it before you buy it - if you can.  If you're buying a gun as a gift for your lady and she hasn't tried it, you may want to get her a gift card to the gun store or take her to the range and let her pick out the one she wants. Don't forget to get training also!  Everyone needs firearms training! I'll save that topic for another post, otherwise this will be a book.

If you're like me you may have a few favorite guns and a few favorite shoes, but how's keeping track.

I almost forgot to mention, check out the Resources and Useful Links page for discounts from our friends and partners.

Happy Holidays!!!!



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